3 bold films…

Its just 4 weeks to go! The inaugural festival is coming together remarkably through the passion and generosity of many volunteers.

This newsletter highlights some of the fascinating and edgier films.

The unique set of films in the Sydney SAFF have been chosen for their range, depth and ability to inspire whilst not shirking to acknowledge the tough realities of a society in transition. Prepare to be entertained and enthralled.


High Fantasy
Friday 10 May, 7pm

This innovative little gem is acute and uncompromising. It highlights in creative, credible and necessarily confronting fashion the extreme dilemmas that face the youth of post apartheid South Africa – many of whom were not even born when Mandela was president! What happens when a group of young culturally diverse friends go camping together? Told from an inside track, shot by go-pro’s in the mocu-mentary style, an extreme event leaves them suddenly stranded in the wilderness and their friendships and lives will never be the same again. Especially recommended for the under 40’s and film buffs.

Ellen: The Story
of Ellen Pakkies

Wednesday 15 May, 7pm

Photographed by David Goldblatt in the criminal series of the recent exhibition in Sydney, is Ellen Pakkies: she has committed the ultimate crime of mercy for any mother. She murdered her own son! Yes, he was drug addicted, criminal and violent. This film was written and filmed closely in relationship with the real Ellen. It’s a powerful story that is inspirational and eminently watchable!

Nommer 37
Saturday 18 May, 7pm

Nommer 37 is a taut thriller and a great homage to Hitchcock’s Rear Window while also succeeding in delivering a new mise-en-scene that is acutely accurate in its reflection of the ongoing gangland situation in the Cape Flats. Extremely well directed, beautifully shot and crafted and conceptually sound on every level, the scenes of violence are all highly motivated and not at all gratuitous. Not for the faint hearted!

Venue: Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction, Sydney

Ticket Price: All films $21 (concession only for Cinebuzz $20)

Celebratory Night Ticket Price: $60 (all inclusive: film and party)

See the website for dates and session times, synopses and trailers

Besides the great selection of films, your experience at this festival will offer you a taste of many delights of South Africa.

The very best thing is that all net proceeds are in support of Education without Borders (EwB), and specifically a new project in Bellville South, Cape Town.

Learn more about the Bellville South project on our website here, or visit the EwB website here.

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This is the second of a series of newsletters in the lead up to the festival – to give you some insider information, and to help you plan and enjoy the event.

Your passionate festival committee,