Three powerful stories exemplifying human spirit

We are excited to announce that ticket sales are going really well. Event Cinemas are gasping as they are having to change to larger cinemas. Remarkable for an inaugural festival!

And it’s all about your support! By attending, not only are you supporting SA artists and filmmakers, you are also supporting EwB, our charity partner. All net proceeds from the festival go directly to enabling educational opportunities for at-risk young people.

This newsletter features 3 films where the protagonists face huge life challenges, bring remarkable honesty and courage and thereby we see them live their lives to the full. Each of these films will inspire you long after you have left the cinema.


Beyond the River
Sunday 12 May, 6pm

Duma, a young black man, enmeshed in crime meets Steve, a white teacher. They are brought together by their determination to win gold in one of the toughest river races in the world, the Dusi Canoe Marathon. The river and the race are metaphors: it is in the mystery, turbulence, peace and the unknown, that the potential for both success and failure for both these men reside.

Glory Game: The Story of
Joost van der Westhuizen

Thursday 16 May, 7pm

We all know how Joost, tall, handsome with piercing blue eyes and a disarming boyish smile, became a legend and icon of the game of rugby. On the rugby field he could scythe a path through the best defences and he still holds the record for most tries scored by an international scrumhalf. Glory Game juxtaposes all this with the tragic story of his contracting Motor Neurone disease. Now we see Joost displaying the same qualities of character: immense courage, a strong desire to beat the odds and great compassion for other sufferers.

We are honoured to welcome ex Wallaby captains, Simon Poidevin, Nick Farr-Jones and George Gregan as our speakers for the night. Gregan features in the film and played against Joost. All have great admiration for Joost and we are sure they will bring some fascinating insights into the man and his career.

Sunday 19 May, 6pm

Johan is drafted by the South African Army during apartheid and lands a spot in the Kanaries, the military’s traveling choir. It is here that a battlefield romance brings up his long-repressed sexual identity. Using Boy George and Depeche Mode as influences, this somewhat surprising and fun musical examines the effects of nationalism on his tender soul. And how the bonds of brotherhood can make the difference.

We are honoured to welcome Anton Enus who will make some closing remarks to end our festival

Venue: Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction, Sydney

Ticket Price: All films $21 (concession only for Cinebuzz $20)

Celebratory Night Ticket Price: $60 (all inclusive: film and party)

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Besides the great selection of films, your experience at this festival will offer you a taste of many delights of South Africa.

The very best thing is that all net proceeds are in support of Education without Borders (EwB), and specifically a new project in Bellville South, Cape Town.

Learn more about the Bellville South project on our website here, or visit the EwB website here.

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This is the third of a series of newsletters in the lead up to the festival – to give you some insider information, and to help you plan and enjoy the event.

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